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Canada: The Great Replacement

I asked several of my Canadian friends how much they thought had the Canadian population been diluted by immigration. Not one knew even close to the actual number. Canada has diluted itself by close to 100% in the last two generations. This will prove suicidal for Canada. Here are my thoughts:

Over the last decade, I have spent significant time living among the IT workers in Philadelphia and San Fransisco. Here is a discussion on the H1B1 visa, the Indian caste system, what it is, how it influences the US, and about Indians in top positions in IT companies in the West. Can the West be saved from the massive immigration that is gaining pace? “Too late” is my answer:

90% of immigrants to Canada come from non-European countries. The Third World is the Third World for a reason. It is disingenuous (albeit politically correct) to blame only their politicians, who are the symptom of their underlying problems. When you bring the Third World people, you also obtain the Third World cultures and convert the West into the Third World, and then end up with politicians like Trudeau:

On Investments

A lot of investors speculate on commodities by investing in the mining space. More often than not, they lose money. In the following, I give my views on why you should not speculate on commodities, why the future of uranium mining is grim, and why uranium electricity is different from what it is promoted to be. I say this knowing fully well that since this talk, uranium price has gone up substantially. But I follow the advice of Frank Holmes, that the process is far more important than the result.

In the following conversation I mention the following companies that offer good value:

  • Aztec Minerals (AZT; $0.175)
  • Irving Resources (IRV; $0.59)
  • Aris Mining Warrants (ARIS.WT.B; $1)
  • O3 Mining (OIII; $1.43)

I might add an additional name: Maritime Resources (MAE; C$0.03).

The coal companies I mentioned in this converstaion are linked here. I also like New Hope Group (ASX.NHC; A$6).

Jayant Bhandari

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