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Capitalism & Morality

Since 2010, I have run a yearly philosophy seminar in Vancouver. Here is the playlist of the whole day of speeches from the 2022 seminar, which my friend Maurice Jackson was kind enough to edit, in which Dr. Walter Block, Adrian Day, Lubica Keighery, Rick Rule, Michael S. Fulp, etc., spoke:

The next Capitalism & Morality seminar will be on 9th September 2023. Details will be updated on the linked page.

Led by Diana Zoppa, we now meet monthly for Capitalism & Morality discussion dinners in Vancouver. If you are interested in being on the dinner list, please reply to this message, and I will send you the details.

On Investments

In the linked conversation, Cory Fleck, Shad Marquitz, and I discussed some companies that should see better days in the new year. Here is a longer list of companies that I am interested in during the last few days of the tax-loss selling and at prices no higher than what I have mentioned:

  • Harfang Exploration (HAR; C$0.17): It has C$7 million in cash and a market capitalization of C$10 million. Its project, Pontax, optioned to Li-FT Power, perhaps justifies its enterprise value.
  • Irving Resources (IRV; C$0.78): It owns three drill rigs and is well cashed up. You should expect a good news flow next year.
  • Newcore Gold (NCAU; C$0.19): Its project in Ghana is getting to a decent size that will be attractive to a mid-sized producer.
  • Montage Gold (MAU; C$0.65): It is one of the most inexpensive companies in the gold space.
  • Aztec Minerals (AZT; C$0.28): Each of its projects perhaps justifies its market capitalization. It continues to do a lot of work on both projects. Alamos gave them cash in the last financing.
  • NewOrigin Gold (NEWO; C$0.04): They are short of cash but with two good projects and a low market capitalization.
  • Riverside Resources (RRI; C$0.12): It is a self-sustaining company that generates enough money from partners to pay its corporate expenses. They are well cashed up.
  • Gold79 Mines (AUU; C$0.025): They have three exciting projects and good management. They recently raised money at C$0.035.

Merry Christmas,

Jayant Bhandari

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