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Primero Mining (P), etc.

Capitalism & Morality is a yearly seminar that I have run for the last eight years and is held in Vancouver (Canada). It brings in among the best minds to talk about the philosophy of liberty and freedom. Videos of the past seminars are linked here. The next seminar will be held on 21st July 2018, details of which are linked here.

I recently talked with Bob Zadek about Capitalism & Morality. I, also, discussed why democracy, and open-borders under the current institutional setup are not conducive to liberty:

On investments…

  • Primero Mining (P; C$0.22) is being acquired by First Majestic. There is a 15% arbitrage upside in owning P.
  • Nevsun Resources (NSU; C$2.64) has fallen today, partly because they have discontinued dividends. This might be an opportunity to pick up NSU.
  • Rio Novo (RN; C$0.125) has an 18% arbitrage upside. It is being acquired by Aura Minerals.
  • Irving Resources (IRV; C$0.78). The share price and volume have spiked because of a letter Bob Moriarty wrote last week (linked here). IRV could offer better entry points over the next one month. Just be aware that IRV will be presenting during PDAC (Toronto) in early March and as a result the market’s interest in IRV might increase. Linked here is my last update on IRV, also, and my views on Japan.
  • Rapier Gold (RPR; C$0.055) has a 15% arbitrage upside, but make sure to read the latest news–some of the current shareholders are opposing the merger.
  • There isn’t much arbitrage upside currently in owning Kennady Diamond (KDI; C$3.20), but given its low liquidity your stink order might get filled.

During PDAC, I will be speaking at theĀ Letter Writer Presentations for Investors, an event hosted by Peter Bojtos and Sprott Inc.

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Jayant Bhandari

Associate: Rajni Bala


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