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Democracy: The Most Evil System

Novo Resources, etc.

The democratic system of selecting the government is the evilest. What most people do is to find faults in non-democratic systems and then assume that democracy must be the best one. They ignore trying to find faults in democracy. This happens because they are ideologically invested in democracy and very erroneously conflate it with liberty. They ignore the fact that democracy fails horribly every single time. It leads to moral and social decay, and eventually the destruction of the society. Here is a conversation on the subject I recently had with Kerry Lutz:

Every country that has emerged out of poverty in the last one century has done so under a non-democratic system: Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Chile and now China.

Linked is a conversation I had with Cory Fleck about the changes happening in China.

On investments…

Based on the two latest news releases of Irving Resources (IRV; C$2.14), it seems that they are on the way to a discovery. Omu Sinter, where they are currently drilling, had never been staked or drilled before. A couple of years back, Dr Quinton Hennigh was driving around in that area when he saw rocks being used for ornamental purposes outside houses. He had realized that these rocks were from a sinter system. Today, what seems like a simple process of discovery, is one of the key areas that IRV is exploring. IRV’s market capitalization is over $100 million.

Akiko Levinson and Dr Quinton Hennigh have created a lot of value for the shareholders, and as a consequence for the society.

Also, Dr Hennigh is the man behind Novo Resources (NVO; C$2.15). His out-of-the-box thinking has already made a lot of money for his shareholders and for many companies that are piggy-backing on his concept. Linked is a fabulous speech, he recently gave on NVO.

While I would buy IRV if it falls back to its last week’s low, I am accumulating NVO at the current share price.

The market has fallen quite a bit over the last few days. Here are some companies that I am happy to accumulate at the mentioned limit prices:

  • Novo Resources (NVO; C$2.15)
  • Renaissance Gold (REN; C$0.16)
  • Core Gold (CGLD; C$0.265)
  • Amarillo Gold (AGC; C$0.23)
  • Treasury Metals (TML; C$0.275)
  • Group Eleven (ZNG; C$0.07)
  • International Prospect Ventures (IZZ; C$0.135)
  • Ecobalt Solutions (ECS; C$0.285)
  • M2 Cobalt (MC; C$0.175)
  • Paramount Gold (PZG; US$0.81)
  • Pacton Gold (PAC; C$0.16)
  • Eastmain Resources (ER; C$0.11)

Next month, I will be visiting projects of Novo Resources in Australia, and of Irving Resources (IRV) in Japan.

Finally, if a day of discussion on western civilization is of interest to you, consider registering for Capitalism & Morality, which is held every year in Vancouver (Canada).

Warm regards,

Jayant Bhandari

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