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India has had by far the most atrocious lockdown to do with covid-19 in the world. Those who go out to buy food get beaten to a pulp. Those who resist get their heads smashed. After a year of lockdown, they have still not organized new beds. Oxygen and prescription drugs are in short supply. The government’s mismanagement is killing far more people than covid-19 is.

It has now been seventy-three years since India became so-called independent from Britain. Every institution is falling apart. Doug Casey, Matthew Smith, and I discuss a range of issues in the following:

On Investments

  • Minaurum Gold (MGG; C$0.395): MGG’s Alamos project in Mexico is becoming a significant, high-grade silver deposit. A back-of-the-envelope resource calculation of the system more than justifies the current market capitalization to me. The last financing was done at C$0.40 per unit. Warrants that came with this financing are exercisable at C$0.60 by June 2022.
  • AuStar Gold (AUL; A$0.335): AUL is being acquired by White Rock Minerals, which has a very aggressive work program for 2021. They will have a very large, prospective project in Alaska and two projects in Australia. They are currently doing financing at which there is a 10% arbitrage upside in owning AUL. I might be able to accumulate AUL at less than A$0.335.

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