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Cow-urine for Corona-virus

Mirasol Resources, etc.

Excerpted from a forthcoming article in the Liberty:

I am in India. I have always thought that when chaos hit India, I would be the first one to leave. Alas, no flights are leaving.

I am stuck, so I will at least report.

When I arrived in Delhi, they were checking the temperature of the passengers. Then I flew through a few other airports. All had booths for medical staff to check on incoming passengers except that the medical staff was missing. Why should they not be when they could stay home, have fun, and be safe?

Passengers on planes were wearing masks but were unable to shake off the habit of grinding their crotches into the buttocks of those ahead of them in a line. Even women shamelessly do this to men. 

85% of Indians work in the informal sector. They live from hand to mouth. Add to this the feral and superstitious way of life in India. “Lock-down” is not possible here.

If corona-virus—or any communicable disease—strikes India, as I have said earlier, Malthus and Darwin will work hand-in-hand to take down hundreds of millions. Either way, because of stagnant and fear-fueled economy, there will indeed be a massive increase in crime over the next few weeks.

The so-called educated Indians are scared of the virus, which is a good first step. They are dealing with it by drinking cow-urine, passing Whattsup memes to please the god, spreading outlandish rumors, etc. Then they go out and mix around. Not to be left behind, the media is running superstitious stories and outlandish claims of the superiority of Indian doctors.

The 85% of grotesquely poor Indians haven’t been told what is wrong. They are afraid but aren’t sure why. Some think that there is a curfew and that the police would come and beat them up, which the police happily do. Indians, when given the baton indeed use it. And they derive no greater pleasure than by subduing the weak. How else can you feel manly? And, you would be in error if you thought only men are like this.

Those who think I am too impressed with China might want to consider the perspective I come from.

Indians who were studying medicine in Wuhan were brought back to India. They were kept in a dormitory, where they mixed around and partied. More were brought in from Italy, some of who immediately absconded when they experienced the abysmal conditions of the quarantine centers. There is a manhunt around the country for the absconders, who are happily spreading the virus. Some of the top people and celebrities have been culprits.

Indians “stranded” in Singapore are begging the Indian government to let them land in India. If I was afraid of corona-virus, I would rather stay put, even in Wuhan, than flee to Delhi.

Even educated Indians, when they smell danger crave for the laps of their Moms.

The only hope for India—and other Third World countries—is that corona-virus is not potent in hot weather.

Officially, only 170 people have been afflicted by the virus. India is hardly testing anyone, for they don’t have the kits or the laboratories to do the job. You can be absolutely assured, that no one knows or will ever know the real number. Incompetent doctors won’t know what killed the patients, who will then be cremated. None of this changes the fact that India is in an extremely precarious situation today.

Indians have no sense of commitment, no loyalty, no sense of social responsibility, and no professionalism. Its organizations are utterly dysfunctional and getting worse by the day, and you can do nothing about it, for the British have now been gone for 70 years. Moreover, given the superstitious, feral ways of Indians, particularly of the so-called educated ones, they will make more mistakes to correct previous ones.

Here is Albert Lu and I discussing corona-virus:

On Investments…

Usually, I write once in two weeks. Now, I am writing once in two days, for I like the bear market. So, here is the link to my last musings.

Two new companies have triggered my buying interest:

  • Mirasol Resources (MRZ; C$0.29): It has C$16 million in cash. Its market capitalization is also C$16 million. Newcrest, and First Quantum have optioned their three projects in Chile with significant commitments. When my downside risk is protected by cash in the treasury, I am always happy for a free upside.
  •  Salazar Resources (SRL; C$0.13): While I am no fan of Ecuador, I like the management of SRL. I like even more the management of Adventus Mining (ADZN), the joint-venture partner. However, SRL offers me a better upside than ADZN does.

Finally, some people have been discussing if physical-silver is indeed priced a lot more than paper-silver. Bob Moriarty does an excellent job in the linked article.

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Jayant Bhandari

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