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Pakistanization of Canada

Nevsun Resources

Canadian parliament is discussing Motion 103. The motion has been brought in by Iqra Khalid, a Pakistani-Canadian MP.

Khalid does not like freedom of speech and wants to condemn any discussion on Islam as “Islamophobia.” In the linked article, I suggest that Khalid’s motion–if not openly ridiculed–will take Canada closer to what Pakistan is like.

India recently sent 104 satellites into space. Ironically, 50% of Indians have no toilets. In the attached article, I discuss the latest economic figures released by Indian government. I explain why the claimed 7% growth did not happen and that the economy continues to be in trauma.

Here is my discussion on the situation in India, with Maurice Jackson:

Also, I will be speaking on the situation in India on 10th March at the Mises Institute (Alabama, USA).

On investing…

Since a musings in which I suggested selling Nevsun Resources (NSU; C$3.23), it has fallen about 31%. In my view, this should have made NSU very attractive to Lundin Mining, which wanted to acquire what is now NSU’s Serbian project. The reason NSU should look attractive to Lundin is that after adjusting for the money that NSU paid to buy the Serbian project and its cash in hand, market isn’t attributing much value to NSU’s Eritrean project.

From Lundin’s perspective, NSU should look even more attractive than what the above numbers show, as compared to the time when Lundin initially made the offer to buy the Serbian project, Lundin’s share price has gone up about 75%. This should make any share-swap offer very attractive to Lundin. Or NSU shareholders might get that much extra premium.

To me NSU looks like a ripe acquisition target for a copper company.

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