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East Asia: Where Growth and Stability is

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At the recently held Sprott Natural Resource Symposium in Vancouver, I had an opportunity to discuss with Scott Tibballs about why China will continue to lead economic growth of the world, why it is more stable than what outsiders think, what underpins its future, and why it will eventually emerge as a developed country:

One of the reasons why people have a negative view of China is because it is not a democratic country. This is quite ironical, for there is hardly any–actually no–society that improved after it changed its system of governance to democracy. All success stories of the modern era have been in countries that were not democratic.

On investments…

I do not invest in the mining industry for commodity price speculation. The problem is that it is almost impossible to have a better view on commodity prices than what I can glean from the spot price and the future prices. But what indeed gives me a huge advantage is when stock prices have fallen disproportionately to any change in the underlying values. Here are some of those names and the prices that I find them interesting at:

  • FPX Nickel (FPX; C$0.09)
  • Altus Strategies (ALTS; C$0.09)
  • EnerGold Drilling (EGD; C$0.31)
  • Lorraine Copper (LLC; C$0.07)
  • Callinex Mines (CNX; C$0.165)
  • Fireweed Zinc (FWZ; C$1.25)
  • VR Resources (VRR; C$0.22)
  • Treasury Metals (TML; C$0.355)
  • Avrupa Minerals (AVU; C$0.08)
  • Condor Resources (CN; C$0.06)
  • Amarillo Gold (AGC; C$0.23)
  • Keras Resources (LON:KRS; £0.0034)
  • Lonmin (LON:LMI; £0.40)

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Jayant Bhandari


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