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Racism in the USA

Coral Gold, etc.

No place in the world is perfect, but America continues to be a land of opportunity, where all kinds of people arrive to encounter an incredibly generous, open-minded society. Alas, the future of the US looks increasingly bleak. Political correctness has sealed the lips of most Americans. Losers and whiners like those in the BLM have been allowed a higher moral ground. Linked on the following image is my discussion on the race issue with Claudio Grass:

On Investments

  • TMAC Resources (TMR; C$1.20): As I wrote earlier, if the government approves the merger, which is unlikely, I stand to make a nice profit. If the approval does not go through, TMR will get unleashed from the merger worries and likely start to go up for its inherent value. I hope to win either way.
  • Atico Mining (ATY; C$0.50): I recently talked about why I invested in ATY. Since then, they have released their financials. They have increased their unsold inventory, priced on a cost basis. And metal prices have gone up significantly. I am expecting good results in the next financial report.
  • Irving Resources (IRV; C$3.60): Some insiders of IRV have recently sold their shares, to exercise their options, warrants and to pay taxes on the exercise. This weakness has been an opportunity for me to accumulate IRV.
  • Exore Resources (ERX; A$0.10): ERX is merging with Perseus Mining next month. There is an 8% arbitrage upside in it, which on an annualized basis, is >100%.
  • O3 Mining (OIII; C$2.35): This continues to be among the cheapest gold stocks I know of.
  • Coral Gold (CLH; C$0.98): It is being acquired. The arbitrage upside is about 15%.
  • Eastmain Resources (ER; C$0.235): It is being acquired. While the deal is complicated and merged entity’s underpinning value is something that I am unsure of, the arbitrage is excellent.

Last month, I wrote my thoughts on Jubilee Exploration in the linked musings. I have reported to the BC Security Commission, etc. about JUB, but I will appreciate it if you can forward it to any royalty company or any contact in the Canadian security commissions that you might have.

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