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East Asia Revisited

Premier Gold

Last year, at the PDAC conference in Toronto, I spoke about whether I continue to stay optimistic about China. A few months before that, I was in Changsha, a city not too far from Wuhan. In my speech, I talked about why China and the rest of East Asia would come out the healthiest from the economic sufferings imposed by Covid-19:

China was the only major country that grew in 2020. Today, It is back to its usual 8% growth rate.

Now, of course, it is easy to pick and choose talks in which my projections turned out to be true. My reason to mention the speech isn’t to pat myself, but to remind how extremely important East Asia is going forward. The West is way past its peak, a consequence of the emerging and unstoppable “woke” culture. And the Third World is imploding, for it never learned to stand on its own feet.

Do I not worry about the lack of free-speech in East Asia? I do, but for an average guy, given political correctness, the West today offers a lot less freedom of speech than East Asia does. And, the Democratic Hell-hole of India (DHI) arrests and disappears people for relatively simple social media posts. I certainly feel freer and safer in China than I do in India.

On Investments

QMX Gold (QMX; C$0.285) and Premier Gold (PG; C$3.02) are being acquired over the next few days. They both offer reasonable arbitrage upsides.

Last week, I talked with Cory Fleck about a few companies, Maritime Resources (C$0.125), Plateau Energy (PLU; C$0.75), and GameStop (GME). Linked here is that conversation.


Two of my good friends—Roslyn Ross and Tom Garrett—have built ‘The Cacao Farm’ in Nicaragua. They have rooms for people to stay with them—check this link for more details about their live/work property that is ideal for people working from home. They have two kids and are particularly keen to have families with kids visit. I hope to visit them in early May.

Those of you who have attended Capitalism & Morality likely know Roslyn. She is one of the most brilliant people I know—she has written five books (only two published so far), is a voracious reader, and time spent with her is an intellectual feast. Roslyn’s blog is a good read: The link below includes two of her speeches from Capitalism & Morality:

Jayant Bhandari

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