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The US after Trump

O3 Mining

Many people think that—as with the pendulum—societies bounce back after a bit of degradation, staying within a range. Alas, they cannot quote any example in which a society managed to take corrective actions. But shouldn’t people revolt once they have seen a certain amount of cultural degradation? As society degrades, it gets more amoral and irrational; consequently, it does more wrongs to correct earlier wrongs. That is where the US is today. Despite being the best country on the planet, the US has internal forces that are rapidly hollowing out its institutions.

As the US weakens and worsens, the world will become increasingly unstable, with bullies and tyrants rising worldwide—it is not the Third World’s democracies that protect them from tyrants but the US’s fear. Linked here is a discussion I recently had with Justin O’Connell.

In my view, the most stable part of the world, and with improving fortunes, will continue to be Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Singapore.

On Investments

Over the last few days, the market has been volatile. Here are some of the companies that I am keen on:

  • Silver Dollar Resources (SLV; C$1.73)
  • Maritime Resources (MAE; C$0.135)
  • Novo Resources (NVO; C$2.20)
  • Newcore Gold (NCAU; C$0.58)
  • Defiance Silver (DEF; C$0.73)
  • O3 Mining (OIII; C$2.86)
  • Gold X (GLDX; C$2.70)
  • Nulegacy Gold (NUG; C$0.12)

Jayant Bhandari

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