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The Third World: Regressing to a Malthusian Equilibrium

IDM Mining

As a teen, I started to realize that the people chained together when being moved from one place to another were bonded labors (slaves). Girls were being auctioned in parts of India. Indian government does not care a damn about Indians. It is not India’s democracy that reduced some of India’s social ills, but pressure from the West (particularly the US).

Quite rightly, as a kid, I used to pray that the US attacks India and takes it over. Today, Indians are proud that they have the nuclear bomb and the space program. It does not take much intelligence to realize that all these technologies are either copied or stolen from the US.

While the US pressure does reduce some of the immediate social ills of the Third World, the benefits are transitory. Making a real change in the Third World has so far proven impossible. The Third World was imploding anyway, but as Trump—quite rightly—reduces US involvement in the affairs of the Third World, it will implode much faster.

On investments…

IDM Mining (IDM; C$0.065) is being acquired. There is no reason to chase it, but there is a nice arbitrage upside in owning IDM.

Next week, I will be speaking at Battery Metals Asia Conference in Shanghai. I will also be speaking at VRIC 2019 in Vancouver. While in Vancouver, I will also be attending AME Roundup.

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