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Trump: Why I Like Him

GFG Resources (GFG)

When Trump banned refugee admissions and put a blanket ban on the arrival of the citizens of Iraq, Libya, etc., there was a huge amount of opposition. This step was clearly going to have collateral damage. But once you have accepted the concept of the state there is no reason to worry about collateral damage. Every top-down collectivist action has its collateral damage. Within that context and given the current realities, what Trump did was not only correct but a brave and right thing to do.

Those among us who grew up in a Third World country are often more anti-immigrants than those who grew up in the West. The reason is that we have lived through how intransigent people from the Third World are, and how their intransigence gets worse once they have arrived in the West. Migrants from Africa, the Middle East, South Asia, and Latin America not only fail to assimilate culturally, they actually get worse as time goes by. The second generation of such migrants is more crime-prone, and they look at the societies their parents left behind with nostalgia.

As time has passed I have grown increasingly respectful of what Trump is doing. Given that we have a welfare system, something that cannot be undone anytime soon, I am even supportive of the trade war he has initiated. For decades now spinelessness of Western politicians has led to the West consistently subsidizing the Third World, while only getting contempt in return.

I hope the US can keep Trump for the next six years.

On investments…

GFG Resources (GFG; C$0.27) has optioned its Rattlesnake Hills project to Newcrest. Bob Moriarty has written a nice summary on what this means–if Newcrest spends the money under the agreement, it would be worth US$33 million to GFG. GFG has C$4 million in cash. Based on the valuation at which the Canadian project was acquired, for now, I attribute it a mere C$6 million despite that GFG is now one of the largest land-owners in the Timmins Gold District, where they will start drilling over the next few weeks. All these add up to a valuation that gives me a >100% upside at the current share price.

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Jayant Bhandari


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