Musings on Investing

Indian Elections

India is voting for a new government starting next week. Who will win, and what influence will it have on the future of India and the much-expected move of companies from China to India? Dr David Oualaalou and I discuss here:

Registration for the next Capitalism & Morality Vancouver seminar is open. There will be a pre-seminar dinner speech by Albert Lu. You may use the following coupon code for a 10% discount: Mises1984.

Also linked are the details of the Capitalism & Morality Calgary seminar, run by my friends, Darcy Gerow and Clayton Reeder.

On Investments

Here are some arbitrage opportunities. I have no reason to go above the prices mentioned.

  • Contact Gold (C; $0.03): Upside, 11% (annualized, ~1,500%)
  • Argonaut Gold (AR; $0.36): Upside, 22%
  • Goldsource Mines (GXS; $0.56): Upside, 12%
  • Karora Resources (KRR, $5): Upside, 8%
  • Hess Corp (HES; $156): Upside, 6%
  • Osino Resources (OSI; $1.75): Upside, 9%
  • Integrated Financials (OTC.IFHI; $31): Upside, 15%

I will let you calculate the annualized upsides, which is the best way to invest and allows you to roll your profit from one investment to another.

Jayant Bhandari

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