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Capitalism & Morality

The Capitalism & Morality seminar has been held in Vancouver since 2010. I had an interview with the Postil magazine about my views on “capitalism” and “morality.” It is linked in the following image:

The next Capitalism & Morality seminar is on 1st June 2024. Linked are the program details.

On Investments

My friend Brian Leni and I discussed our investment philosophy, the importance of quality management, why you should ignore the media coverage of China, and why Canadians need to wake up. They have one last chance to change the course of Canada’s future in the forthcoming elections by voting for the People’s Party of Canada:

With the market starting to do well, I am focusing quite a bit on arbitrage opportunities.

Here are some such opportunities. I have no reason to go above the prices mentioned.

  • Base Resources (ASX.BSE; A$0.25): Upside, 23% (annualized, ~74%)
  • Argonaut Gold (AR; $0.42): Upside, 8%
  • Highgold Mining (HIGH; $0.44): Upside, 11%
  • Karora Resources (KRR, $5.30): Upside, 5%
  • Hess Corp (HES; U$159): Upside, 6%
  • Osino Resources (OSI; $1.75): Upside, 9%
  • Blackwolf Copper (BWCG; $0.12): Upside, 11%
  • Adventus Mining (ADZN; $0.45): Upside, 8%
  • Timberline Resources (TBR; $0.125): Upside, 11%
  • Integrated Financials (OTC.IFHI; $30.50): Upside, 14%

Someone I trust advised me to avoid public arguments with companies. However, sometimes the situation becomes egregious. My clients and I invested in a private company, Pilar Gold, five years ago. At that time, the company promised to go public in a few months. Despite all this time, the company is still not public, and we have received no real news or financial updates. The CEO claims they are producing 8,000 ounces of gold per month. Without shareholder approval, they purchased two other projects under the names of private companies, Laiva Gold and Tucano Gold. I have heard they are seeking cash. Anyone considering investing in them should insist on financial accounts before taking action. My comment on their LinkedIn post was deleted, so I am posting here and will hopefully give more information in the comments section of that post.

Jayant Bhandari

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