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Democracy: The God that Failed

Irving Resources, etc.

Across the spectrum of political beliefs, people think that democracy leads to liberty. Quite in contrast, it is the worst system imaginable. It is anti-meritocratic. It hollows out institutions. All the success stories of the last century—Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan, China, Chile—happened when those countries were not democratic. I hope that Trump wins next month—and please go out to vote for him—but the US is on a very slippery slope. Click on the following image for a discussion that Jeff Deist and I had on Hans-Hermann Hoppe’s must-read book:

On Investments

The venture market has been soft for the last couple of months, and the general market will likely be very volatile over the next few weeks. Here are some companies that interest me at the suggested prices:

  • Irving Resources (IRV; C$2.80)
  • Atico Mining (ATY; C$0.40)
  • Coral Gold (CLH; C$1.03)
  • Revelo Resources (RVL; C$0.17)
  • Anaconda Mining (ANX; C$0.50)
  • Group Eleven (ZNG; C$0.065)
  • Maritime Resources (MAR; C$0.135)
  • O3 Mining (OIII; C$2.75)
  • TMAC Resources (TMR; C$1.20)

And, yes, go out and vote for Trump.

Warm regards,

Jayant Bhandari

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