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The USA: Go and Vote

Revelo Resources, etc.

Many people have shown how voting does not matter. I mostly agree. There is usually hardly any difference between the candidates. Moreover, so many people vote that my vote hardly matters. The next month in the US, however, is going to be unique. On one side is pure stupidity and evil—Biden/Harris. On the other, the only hope for the US—Trump. The chasm is so vast that it is worth picking up a winner. And given the closeness of the contest, every vote will matter. Had I the right to vote, I would keenly walk down to vote for Trump.

Without the USA stable, the western world is in intense trouble, and the Third World will rot very rapidly. Here is a discussion Spencer Cain and I had on Maurice Jackson’s show:

On Investments

Revelo Resources (RVL; C$0.18) has signed a non-binding offer to merge with Austral Gold. Assuming the merger goes ahead, RVL has a >25% arbitrage upside. I discussed this deal and another merger that recently got completed that resulted in Fury Gold (FURY; C$1.90) here with Bill Powers:

When FURY started to trade, it opened 50% lower than where I expected. When I participate in an arbitrage opportunity, I also like to understand the merged entity’s underlying value to ensure that there is not too much downside risk. My 100% arbitrage upside has ended up merely breaking even so far. I continue to hold FURY, for I can find no valuation-based reason why it should have fallen so much.

Coral Gold (CLH; C$1.17) is being acquired, with a decision expected on 6th November. The current upside is the value of the warrant that will come with the deal. I wouldn’t be surprised if the share price weakens closer to the merger.

Group Eleven (ZNG; C$0.075) recently had fabulous drill results. They are now drilling again. I like the management.

Many people have asked me where I find arbitrage opportunities. I subscribe to RSS feeds on “Mergers & Acquisitions” of SeekingAlpha and GlobeNewswire. Also, Asif Suria, in a free newsletter, writes about ongoing arbitrages. Instead of parking my cash in fiat currency, I prefer to invest in liquid arbitrage opportunities in the broader market.

Finally, Doug Casey and John Hunt’s latest novel, Assassin, is now available for purchase.

And, yes, go out and vote for Trump.

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Jayant Bhandari

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