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EDI: New Age Racism and Sexism

Montage Gold

A new kind of racism and sexism is rising rapidly. In the past, some people believed that women and people of color were too incompetent to do a good job. The new age counterparts think that women and people of color must be provided crutches and out-of-turn promotions. They create moral confusion by camouflaging their bigotry by trying to look charitable and by making the “beneficiary” psychologically subservient.

Companies then show off how many women and people of color they have appointed in leadership positions, parading them for their genitals and skin color. I find this condescending and utterly repulsive. All honorable women and people of color would.

Here is a conversation Maurice Jackson and I had on the issue:

On Investments

Montage Gold (MAU; C$0.83) is a new company run by a very competent group experienced in successfully running operations in several parts of Africa. According to the recently released PEA, theirs is a large project that will produce three million ounces over its life. The enterprise value of MAU is less than C$100 million. I see an easy 100% upside.

Finally, I have for over a decade run Capitalism & Morality seminar in Vancouver. Canada will not open its border anytime soon, so I must cancel the seminar for this year. We will start registration for next year in three months.

Jayant Bhandari

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