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Covid and Institutions

Gran Colombia Warrants

In my last musings, I wrote about how covid has shown how hollowed India’s institutions have become. India has failed to maintain the institutions that the British left behind. They are now in an advanced stage of decay, and there is no way Indians can reconstruct them.

Alas, in the environment of political correctness, which is now metastasizing into “wokeness,” I doubt that anyone working in the World Bank or the IMF would not be laid off if he spoke the truth.

Linked is my Liberty magazine article republished with several videos added to visually highlight the tyranny emerging from the ashes of the Indian institutions.

Also, linked in the following is a recent discussion I had with David Forsyth about how the covid crisis has been nothing else but an issue of how competent or weak the institutions around the world are:

On Investments

Earlier, I wrote about the merger of Gold X with Gran Colombia (GCM; C$5). I am keen to accumulate the warrants, with the merger now complete: GCM.WT.B (C$2.92). The downside is that GCM pays a small dividend, which warrant-holders do not get. The upside is that the warrants are trading at close to their intrinsic value. Usually, warrants trade at a nice premium. When giving my order to buy GCM.WT.B, I must beware that they are highly illiquid. I prefer giving limit orders anyway, but certainly in case of these warrants.

Jayant Bhandari

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