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India Forgets its Poorest 85%

Evrim Resources, etc.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today announced a total lock-down in India for the next 21 days. This is unprecedented in human history. Even China could not have got away with this kind of a lock-down. Everywhere, police have been humiliating and beating up people who go to buy or supply food. All trains and flights have been suspended. Highways are closed.

According to the speech Modi gave, India has enough food, but you cannot leave home any more. He has created a massive panic, for people now rightly think that they cannot go out to buy food. His speechwriters are utter idiots, and so are his advisers, who are yes-men.

85% of Indians live from hand to mouth. Even if they could buy food, they will very soon have no money. This will be an ugly humanitarian disaster, not because of corona-virus, but because of hunger, poverty, human trafficking, and exploitation.

A very senior politician, K. Chandrashekhar Rao, has warned of shooting at sight if people leave their homes. A chief of police, Pankaj Nain, without any fear of consequences, tweeted how he was preparing batons to beat up people. Laws are for the citizens, not for the rulers.

People have no choice but to break the rules. Modi has intentionally designed it this way. This is precisely what he did when he demonetized Indian currency in 2016. When you break the rules, you are in fear. And he wants people to be in fear and despair. That is how you create a police state. India is officially a police state today:

On Investments…

Here are some companies I like, but which have fallen while others have started to perform:

  • Evrim Resources (EVM; C$0.20)
  • FPX Nickel (FPX; C$0.11)
  • Rio2 Limited (RIO; C$0.20)

I have no reason to chase any of the above stocks or the ones I suggested recently. These days, stocks have a habit of coming to me even when I have stink bids.

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Jayant Bhandari

Associate: Rajni Bala

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