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Midnight’s Children

What were the glorious days of “independence” like in India in 1947? Is India the rape capital of the world? Where does the concept of honor fit in here? How saintly Indian women are, and why do I avoid them? Here is part-3 of my discussion with Gabriel Custodiet:

On Investments

Here are some companies likely suffering from tax-loss season selling:

  • Irving Resources (IRV; $0.50): They have started drilling at the Yamagano project with a newly-bought rig.
  • Newcore Gold (NCAU; $013): They have enough cash for at least the next six months.
  • Serra Metals (SEEM; $0.045): At this price it should be trading at cash value.
  • Aztec Minerals (AZT; $0.16)
  • Gold79 Mines (AUU; $0.02)
  • Cosigo Resources (CSG.H; $0.035)
  • Harfang Exploration (HAR; $0.14)
  • Nickelex Resources (NICK; $0.015)

I usually give limit orders and certainly during tax-loss selling.

I have written about Nameson Holdings (HK:1982; HK$0.49) in the past. They have been a broken slot machines for the last several years. They just gave HK$0.095 in interim dividend, a 25% dividend yield (on six-month basis, although I doubt if the final divident will be much) on what the share price was prior to the announcement.

With the rate hike likely over in the US, stocks are rising. The short-term yields are still very good. I use the following to store my cash while I await new opportunities:

The above money market funds are as good as high interest-rate paying savings accounts. They have interest distributions at the end of each month.

The following are more risky ways to get regular payments, albeit at higher interest rates. They are corporate bond ETFs:

Merry Christmas,

Jayant Bhandari

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